383: Water Lily Wilkenson Leaded Table Lamp

Water lily Wilkenson leaded table lamp. 31 inch high, 21 inch diameter shade. Magnificent example of leaded glass wit ha perfectly executed matching base. There are yellow, red, and cream pond lilies among various shades of green lily pads. The water is depicted in light blue glass. Interspersed are wonderful cat-o'-nine tails executed in rough, textured brown-orange glass for emphasis. Additional glass at the top of the shade ranges in color from cream, orange, and turquoise. There is a four-footed base cast with water lilies both opened and closed. Stems and leaves of cat-o'-nine tails rise up from the base to the three light sockets with acorn pulls. The base is signed in two places 525.

Water Lily Wilkenson Leaded Table Lamp

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