379: Stained Glass Figurative Window

Stained glass figurative window. A large painted stained glass figurative window. 45 inch, by 94 inch (glass only), 51 inch, by 100 inch (framed). A velvet-like red and orange background of textured art-glass provides the backdrop for this charming painting on glass of a young woman draped in a garland of flowers and holding a lattice basket of similarly colored blooms. Surrounding the figure is an oval of translucent purple. The oval enjoys a multi paned border of clear yellow textured glass, faceted jewels and a dark amber. The frills at the top, bottom, left and right of the oval are composed in yellow and white. Scattered throughout the red and orange background is a repeating pattern of fleur de lis cut from yellowish red glass. Working out from the background to the edge of the work are borders of red faceted jewels, lime green rippled glass, greenish-brown glass, textured amber and finally, a chocolate brown, low profile rippled glass. The lead work has developed a fine, naturally oxidized patina.

Stained Glass Figurative Window

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