116: Pr. Exceptional Gilt Bronze 15 Light Chandeliers

Pr. Exceptional Figural Gilt Bronze 15 Light Chandeliers. Tapered and fluted center post with arrow feathers pointing from the top, has 3 figural maidens facing back to back and supporting large cornucopias hanging from ribbons mounted at the top cluster; the maiden's tails are entwined and ending in a floral teardrop finial at the bottom. The 3 large cornucopias are blossoming with long leaves and 4 flowers, each flower contains a single candle light socket pointing downward and 3 flowers with sockets are centered in the strands of garland draped between the female figures. Excellent gilt bronze finish, overall very good condition, missing 3 flower petals & 1 flower bud loose. 51 in. high x 32 in. wide x 27 in. deep.

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