14: Napoleon Bonaparte Oil On Canvas Picture Clock

Napoleon Bonaparte Oil On Canvas Picture Clock. The scene is hand painted on canvas after the original painting "Napoleon's Farewell To The Imperial Guard In the Cheval-Blanc Courtyard of The Palace of Fontainebleau" by Antoine Alphonese Montfort. The clock tower centered in one of the buildings has a 2 in. porcelain dial with black Roman hour numerals and brass bezel; the brass spring driven movement is contained in the wooden compartment behind the canvas and frame, has a quarter hour petite sonnerie strike on 2 coiled gongs. Canvas has 6 patched repairs plus a large patch section within the tower containing the dial and respective inpainting in these areas, also has a puncture in the canvas below Napoleon's left arm; movement is not running, missing pendulum; movement has a connecting lever to activate a separate spring driven music box on the hour, but the music box itself has been removed from the case. Canvas measures 31.5 in. high x 38.75 in. wide - Frame: 39.75 in. high x 47.25 in. wide.

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