264: Gustav Becker 2 Wt. Vienna Regulator

Gustav Becker 2 Wt. Vienna Regulator. 7 in. inset porcelain dial with black Roman hour numerals, pierced blued hands and brass bezel; brass 8 day weight driven movement signed "Gustav Becker, 544598" has an half hour strike on a straight gong, engraved brass pulleys with 2 brass covered weights and wood pendulum stick with brass covered bob. In a walnut wall hanging case with architectural crest having a lion's head with turned finials and half columns, 4 turned half columns on the door with carved corbels, filigree appliques and incised lower bracket with turned teardrop finials. 45 in. high x 16.5 in. wide x 8.25 in. deep. Weight: 23 lbs.

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