17: French Musical Figural Monkey Automaton

French Musical Figural Monkey Automaton. Seated figure of a monkey rocking back and forth, nods & turned his head, brings his instrument up to his mouth and back down, blinks his glass eyes and moves his mouth in a singing manner; a small white dog rotates beside him, they are shaded under 2 trees which are arched above them with flowers and leafy branches and a plaque hangs on the tree to the right reading "Don't Forget The Poor Blindman Which is Looking With His True Eyes Open". Has 2 separate movements contained in the ebonized wood base, one is a 2 tune cylinder music box which is wound by pulling the string on the left side and the songs change using a lever. The spring driven animated mechanism is wound on the right side with a start/stop lever and is signed "A. Phalibois, Paris". In good condition and running, under an original glass dome. 27 in. high x 18 in. wide x 8.5 in. deep.

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