5: Exceptional Tiffany & Co. Crystal Regulator

Exceptional Tiffany & Co. Crystal Regulator Clock. 3.5 in. porcelain dial signed "Tiffany & Co." with blue hour & 5 minute numbers, colorful floral garland center, pierced brass hands and hinged gilt brass door bezel with convex beveled crystal; round French brass 8 day spring driven movement signed "Japy Freres" has a half hour strike on a blued coiled gong and fancy brass pendulum bob having a painted on ivory portrait insert of Marie Antoinette. In a three quarter size gilt brass crystal regulator case with beveled glass on the rear door, front, sides and serpentine shaped top. Excellent condition, no damage, exceptionally clean; running and striking, has key. 10.5 in. high x 6.25 in. wide x 4.25 in. deep. Weight: 8.75 lbs.

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