4: E. Howard No. 8 Figure Eight Wall Regulator

E. Howard No. 8 Figure Eight Wall Regulator. Original 11 in. painted heavy metal dial signed "E. Howard & Co., Boston" has black Roman hour numerals and blued pierced diamond hands; brass 8 day weight driven time only movement signed "E. Howard & Co., Boston" and stamped with letter "F" on the front plate, has an anchor escapement, solid brass pulley, iron No. 3 weight, gilt wood pendulum stick with brass covered bob and brass lockdown hardware on the red painted weight baffle. In a walnut figure 8 case with red, black and gold leaf reverse painted throat and tablet glasses. Excellent enhanced original finish, throat glass is overpainted black & tablet glass is replaced. 44.27 in. high x 15 in. wide x 4.75 in. deep.

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