388: Duffner & Kimberly Co. Viking Leaded Table Lamp

Duffner & Kimberly Co. viking leaded table lamp. Viking: The bold and venturesome characteristics of these Sea Rovers are noted in this electric lamp, with it's shade of rich barbaric colors, adorned with prow-like heads. 26 inch high, 20 inch diameter shade. An outstanding lamp with a brilliant and rare matching leaded shade and base. It is the first time an example of this lamp, and this quality, has been auctioned by Fontaines. The shade is sectioned into six segments by metal bands with faux rivets. These bands join at the top under an ornate cap and a finial featuring three bird heads. At the bottom of this Viking Leaded Table Lamp, these bands end with a mythological creature with large ears and an extended tongue. The workmanship on these embellishments along is worth noting. The leaded glass is made up of true colors: reds, yellows, greens, and two bands of royal purple with orange diamonds. The placement of these colors was meant to create the highest visual impact. The top of the shade is mottled green glass scales, overlapping and decreasing in size. The base is Gothic-like with three feet and three slight graduating levels. On the base are 15 simulated talons that join together on the stem with more faux rivets. These talons support the open-worked bodies of three large creatures with tongues extended and teeth bared. The shade is signed The Duffner & Kimberly Co. New York. The base is signed 516.

Duffner & Kimberly Co. Viking Leaded Table Lamp

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