359: Collection of 6 Vintage Knives

Collection of 6 Vintage Knives. 1) Ka Bar style knife with leather wrapped grip. 6 in. blade, 9.5 in. long, unmarked. 2) Signed India Rampuri, Rampur State folding knife, exotic wood grips, 5 in. blade, 11 in. overall; frozen open. 3) Pr. folding knives with sheaths, brass hilts with hinged cross guard and bone carved grips, stamped No. 3 on the brass fitting; stamped on the blade "Indian Rogers", double Maltese crosses on one side of the ricasso and "No. 6, England" on the other. 7 in. blade, 11.75 in. overall. 4) WWII Kirpan Sikh victory dagger with leather sheath, brass hilt with cross guard, bone grip, 7 in. engraved and curved blade, 11.5 in. overall. 5) dagger with leather sheath, steel blade, brass hilt with bone carved grip. Sheath has shrinkage and cannot remove blade. 12.25 in. long. Weight: 2.5 lbs.

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