9: Brass 8 Arm 4 Up 4 Down Chandelier

Brass 8 Arm 4 Up 4 Down Chandelier. Brass chandelier with filigree wrapped around the center post, has 4 decorative chains; 4 arms curling up with valve switches at the bottom and 4 serpentine arms pointing down. With a set of 8 matching frosted shades with relief molded flowers and filigree around the rim and etched filigree on the body; shades are in excellent condition measuring 7 in. dia. x 4 in. dia. fitter and 4 in. dia. x 2.25 in. dia. fitter. Fixture is in very good overall condition, 4 gas arms are electrified; 36 in. high x 28 in. dia.

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