192: Brass 5 Arm Chandelier With Winged Griffins

Brass 5 Arm Chandelier With Winged Griffins. Brass chandelier has 5 curved arms branching out from the center cluster, has rosettes, filigree, winged griffins and mythical faces at the ends of the arms; with 5 frosted and etched glass 8 point shades having flowers, filigree and fluer de lis. 1 has a 2 in. hairline running from the fitter 3.75 in. dia. fitter edge, shades measure 5.75 in. high x 7.75 in. dia. Fixture is grilled and electrified, has tarnish and corrosion to the finish, has some extra solder; 44 in. high x 32 in. dia.

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