205: Biedermeier Runddachluhr 10 Day Regulator

Elsner & Provits, Biedermeier Runddachluhr 10 Day Regulator Clock, c.1830. 6.5 in. porcelain dial signed "Elsner & Provits, in Wein, Graham Gang" (gear, escapement), has blued hands, black Roman hour numerals and gilt brass bezel. Brass 10 day weight driven time only movement with Graham deadbeat escapement, has steel pendulum rod with brass covered bob hanging from a silk thread suspension and spoked brass pulleys with brass covered weights; Christian Huygens winding system, the clock is wound by drawing the smaller right side counterweight, therefore raising the larger weight, the counterweight also acts as maintaining power. In a mahogany Runddachluhr case with arched crest having a maple inlaid setting sun, carved trim, carved capitols at the top of the corner pilasters and maple striped inlays at the corners and on the lower bracket. Good overall condition, old refinish, original glasses, running, missing crank & door key. 39 in. high x 11 in. wide x 4.5 in. deep. Weight: 12.75 lbs.

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