1: Baird Coca-Cola Advertising Clock

Baird Coca-Cola Advertising Clock Original 12 in. paper dial signed "Seth Thomas Movement, Edw. P. Baird & Co., Plattsburg, NY" has black Roman hour numerals and large open moon hands. Brass 8 day spring driven time only movement is signed "Made by Seth Thomas for Edw. P. Baird & Co., NY & Montreal", has a long pendulum rod and cast spelter bob. This unusual case has doors made from wood with the relief paper mache advertising applied within the door frame rather than carved or pressed into the paper mache; advertising reads "Coca-Cola, The Ideal Brain Tonic - Delightful Summer and Winter Beverage, Specific for Headache" and the rosettes at the shoulder display the price as 5 cents. Baird manufactured multiple Coca-Cola advertising clocks and this clock may be the earliest known example and possibly the earliest known Coca-Cola advertising clock in the company's history, making it extremely rare and important; c.1889. Condition: Overall excellent and original; has original setup instructions paper label inside. 30.5 in. high x 18.5 in. wide x 4.25 in. deep. Weight: 11 lbs. Baird Coca-Cola Advertising Clock

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