194: 6 Black Baby Dolls

6 Black Baby Dolls. 1) Armand Marseille, No. 351, bisque head, blinking eyes, open mouth composite body; no hairlines in head, overall good condition. 14 in. high. 2) Sawdust doll, unsigned, porcelain head, overall good condition. 12 in. high. 3) S.F.B.J., bisque head No. 247, glass eyes, jointed porcelain body, no hairlines. 10 in. high. 4) Theodor Recknagel ("RA", Recknagel Alexandrienthal) porcelain head doll, No. 138, glass eyes, composite body; no hairlines, some typical chipping to paint, has overpainting. 16 in. high. 5) Unis, Francs, bisque head, No. 60, glass eyes, open mouth, composite body; hairline in right eye socket. 13 in. high. 6) Japanese porcelain googly eyed doll, jointed body. 6 in. high.

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