172: 4 Pcs. Pearl Necklaces, Bracelet & Earrings

4 Pcs. Pearl Necklaces, Bracelet and Earrings. 1) Strand of 71 cultured pearls graduated from 5.5mm to 8.25mm, marked 14K pierced decorated white gold clasp with 1 center pearl 7.75mm and surrounded by a filigree bezel with 6 single cut diamonds. 20.5 in. long. 2) Double strand of cultured cream colored pearls, uniformly measuring 6mm with 56 pearls in the upper strand and 59 in. the lower. Marked 10K deco pierced decorated white gold clasp, 16 in. long. 3) Pr. marked 14K yellow gold and pearl stud earrings measuring approx. 8.7mm. 4) Marked 14K yellow gold bracelet containing 16 cultured pearls measuring 5.5mm each. 6.5 in. long.

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