146: 4 Nazi German Officers Items

4 Nazi German Officers Items. 1) 2nd Pattern German Nazi Luftwaffe Dagger. 9.75 in. blade signed on the ricasso with "A.W.S." and balance scale trade mark for Alexander Coppel, Solingen and reads "Alcoso, Soingen"; has Third Reich eagle emblem on the cross guard, wire wrapped ivory colored grip and large pommel. Original sheath and hanger. 15.5 in. long. 2) DLV German Nazi Dagger. 12 in. blade signed on the ricaso with "SMF, Solingen" trade mark for Stocker & Co." (Solinger Metallwaffenfabrik); has a winged cross guard with swastika in the center and on the pommel, wire wrapped leather grip. 17.5 in. long. In a leather wrapped original sheath with chain hanger. 3) Nazi German M35 Double Decal Helmet. Eagle emblem on the left and flag color insignia on the right, has leather lining. 6.5 in. high. 4) Nazi German Luftwaffe Enlisted Officers Visor Cap. With emblem patches and gray chord. Signed inside "Pekiiro, Stirndruckfrei, Deutsches Reichspatent". Weight: 5.25 lbs.

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