213: 3 Dolls, SFBJ And Franz Schmidt

3 Dolls, SFBJ And Franz Schmidt. 1) Franz Schmidt & Co., bisque head character seated doll with composite body, fixed elbows and knees; singed "F.S. Co., 1270-32, Deponiert". No hairlines in head, has some chipping to body, missing 3 fingers. 12 in. high. 2) S.F.B.J, No. 235 bisque head seated smiling character doll, glass eyes, composite body with fixed elbows and knees; no hairlines in head, has chipping to body. 11 in. high. 3) S.F.B.J, No. 301 bisque head doll with glass eyes, composite body, missing 1 finger, loose joints; no hairlines in head. 16 in. high. Weight: 3.5 lbs.

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