4: 18K Yellow Gold Victorian Revival Bracelet

18K Yellow Gold Victorian Revival Bracelet. 9 in. long, 18K yellow gold Victorian Etruscan Revival (Circa 1860) hinged bracelet with a white gold hidden plunger clasp. The front middle oval section, (31.59 x 24.30 mm) is accented with 4 round coral cabochons separated by 4 Holland Rose diamonds and surrounded by 18 pearls. The oval is further surrounded by 12 round coral cabochons plus a flower set with a pearl. The sides of bracelet have three flowers set with a coral cabochons and pearls. There is an overall granulation and wirework design. The back has a removable frame for a photo or hair work. The bracelet is in a fitted leather box with a gold crown and "Watherston & Son 12 Pall Mall East London Silversmiths and Goldsmiths Jewelers." Weight 3.19 ozt. Included is the current market appraisal.

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