239: 12 Pcs. Flambe Glaze Pottery

12 Pcs. Flambe Glaze Pottery. 10 Pcs. signed "Royal Dalton" include a "Flambe" fox (9 in.), Flambe Veined" owl (12.25 in., repaired ear), "Flambe" rabbit, "Flambe" penguin (6 in.), "Flambe" duck (6.25 in.), "Flambe" cat (5.25 in.), "Flambe" elephant (5.25 in.), "Flambe" The Genie (10 in.), "Flambe" tray signed "Noke" (4.25 in. wide) and dragon (5.5 in.). Plus 2 red glaze pottery chicken and rooster, signed with "PV" in a circle mark. Weight: 11.25 lbs.

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