4: 11 Pcs. Assorted Roseville Pottery

11 Pcs. Assorted Roseville Pottery. 1) 10 in. "Tourmaline" pattern elephant leg vase, excellent condition, unsigned. 2) 10.5 in. "Victorian Art" glossy chartruese green glaze vase, no damage. 3) 10.5 in. turquoise "Moss" pattern 2 handled vase, signed, no damage. 4) 6.25 in. high 2 handled "Jonquil" pattern vase, unsigned, no damage. 5) Turquoise "Silhouette" nude panel pattern fan vase, signed, no damage, 7.5 in. high x 8 in. wide x 4 in. deep. 6) Turquoise "Moss" pattern vase, signed, no damage, 5.25 in. high x 4.75 in. dia. 7) 6 in. "Rosecraft Panel" green floral decorated vase, signed, no damage. 8) "Cherry Blossom" brown glaze 2 handled bowl, unsigned, no damage, 4 in. high x 5.5 in. dia. 9) "Pine Cone" pattern vase, signed, no damage, 5 in. high x 5.5. in. wide x 4.5 in. dia. 10) 6 in. "Laurel" pattern vase, signed, no damage. 11) Squat form vase, unsigned attr. Roseville with leaf, vine and berry pattern on the shoulder, 4.25 in. high x 7.25 in. dia.

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